Help - 1. About Concerto

Concerto is a general purpose digital assets management tool written in PHP and built on top of the Harmoni Application Framework. Concerto allows users to store assets of all types (images, video, audio, text, etc, etc, etc), add metadata (i.e. Creator, Title, etc.) in standard schemas, such as Dublin Core or VRA, or in user defined schemas. Assets can then be searched in a variety of ways, grouped into custom slideshows (with annotations), and displayed in Concerto's viewer.

Concerto uses Harmoni's implementation of the Open Knowledge Initiative Open Service Interface Definitions for its repository back-end.


Concerto, Harmoni, and Segue are all projects of Middlebury College's Curricular Technology Development Lab.

Current and past employees and contributers are listed below:

  • Adam Franco
  • Alex Chapin
  • Gabe Schine
  • Christopher Shubert
  • Dobo Radichkov
  • Nikitas Stamatopoulos
  • Niraj Dhungel
  • Max Ovsjanikovs
  • A. Benjamin Gore
  • Ryan Richards
  • Eric Janssen
  • Zach Toups
  • Karlie Verkest
  • Supports arbitrary types of media
  • Users can define metadata schemas
  • Multiple metadata records can be added to every asset
  • Assets can be arranged hierarchically
  • Slideshows with custom annotations can be built from assets from any collection
  • Granular authorization structure allows for precise defining of who can see/modify/add-to what
  • Much much more...